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Our Melanoma and Skin Cancer Detection Program is for anyone looking to diagnose and proactively manage their skin health.

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What to expect:

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You’ll be seen by a trained skinographer

You’ll be seen by one of our expert skinog­ra­phers. All of our skinographers are health­care professionals who are specially trained in melanoma detection and prevention – and don’t worry, they’re all friendly,  professional and discreet.
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Your visit will be fast and easy

With our new innovative technologies, most visits will last less than 30 minutes. Your visit may vary in time depending on the amount of moles that you have, body type, and body hair. We ask patients who have  particularly hairy areas, to please remove or trim hair prior to your visit  to allow best possible imaging outcomes.
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MoleSafe®'s experienced skinographers will help you prepare for your images

After you meet your skinographer, we will ask you to please disrobe so that we can most thoroughly check your skin. We don't want to miss any potential skin cancers. Don’t panic! Our skinographers are experienced at helping you feel at ease.
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We take full body images of your skin, from head to toe

A skinographer will check and take a series of  photographs of your entire body – this creates a base­line of images to compare changes in your skin later. Additional images called dermoscopy may be performed on higher risk lesions identified by your referring physician, our innovative AI technology, or your skinographer.
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All images are reviewed by one of our Dermatologists

A Board-Certified Licensed Dermatologist will thoroughly review your results, make recommendations on any suspicious lesions and render a report of their findings.
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We’ll send your results to both you and your referring healthcare provider

Once your report is ready, we’ll notify both you and your healthcare provider by text and/or email - typically with­in ten working days. Your referring healthcare provider will review and discuss your results with you.
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For peace of mind, don’t forget to come back every year

Our service works best when you return every year so that we can spot any changes in your skin that could be a potential skin cancer. For higher risk patients, your healthcare provider may recommend more frequent imaging.  We’ll get in touch before then to ensure you don’t miss your appointment.
Don't Leave It To Chance.
Only $95 deposit required to book your screening
Our MoleSafe® representatives will assist you in submitting your claim.
Medicare and Medicaid exclusions apply.
FSA/HSA Accepted