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Introducing a New era of Total Body Photography with MoleSafe

Total Body Photography is the most effective technique for imaging all lesions on a patient's body.

The most efficient way to image every lesion on a patient's body.

Total Body Photography is also known as TBP. Total Body Imaging or Full Body Photography.

This process captures high-quality photos of a patient’s entire body. Over time, these images are compared to detect new or changing lesions to aid in the early detection of skin cancer.

Traditional methods often include bulky, expensive machines that require dedicated space and specially-trained staff to operate.

Alternatively, MoleSafe is acloud- based dermatology software. This means it is constantly improving to have the latest smart features, including Al-powered tools. As a result, your Total Body Imaging Workflow is simplified and streamlined.

Harness the Power of AI

MoleSafe is the most advanced, web-based system for capturing, storing, and analyzing total body images using artificial intelligence to support you in the evaluation of skin conditions

Intelligent Dermatology: Experience the Difference

There are two easy steps in MoleSafe’s process:

Taking your images

We capture your 24 total body images quickly, and they sync with our web platform in real-time

Analysing Your Images

Our AI-powered technology automatically identifies changes in shape, color, size, and location of new and existing moles, freckles, and lesions:

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