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Skin Cancer on your Scalp, Feet and Lips

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Posted 15/04/19

1 in 5 people worldwide will develop skin cancer at some stage of their lives. Skin cancers appear in ways that are generally consistent no matter where on the body they appear. Changes in size or color in moles or skin lesions are a major sign that something may be wrong.

However, skin cancers that appear on the scalp, feet or lips can present in different ways. Here is some information on how to identify warning signs on these body parts:

Skin Cancer on the Scalp

Skin cancer on the scalp can vary greatly depending on the type of cancer.

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) usually develops in the form of a pink spot that can be either raised or flat. These spots can bleed easily, may be shiny, rough or crusty, and may appear just as a discolored patch of skin. BCC is the most common form of all skin cancers, and luckily it is the slowest spreading. If you notice any of these symptoms on your scalp have it check by a professional as soon as you are able.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) is similar in it presents as rough or scaly patches on the scalp or lips. This type of skin cancer, however, may also be raised, firm or red. SCC is very common on the scalp and lips in particular.

Melanoma most often presents as a raised lump with dark, inconsistent colors and edges. It may also appear as a pink lump that grows quickly. Melanoma on the scalp is very dangerous due to the high concentration of red blood vessels and lymphatics in that region of the body. Melanomas grow and spread quickly, and even quicker on the scalp.

Skin Cancer on the Feet

Feet can often go overlooked when people are checking their skin cancer signs. BCC is the most common kind of skin cancer to develop on the feet. It will often look like a mole, a scar or a rough spot. Like the other places, BCC on the feet will bleed easily and may feel strange or uncomfortable when you sweat.

SCC will appear as a red or scaly plaque most often on the feet during its early stages. SCC on the feet is often referred to as Bowen’s Disease. When it is at this stage the cancer has yet to develop fully into SCC and it is good time to act.

It is very unlikely for Melanoma to develop on the feet. Acral Lentigious Melanoma is, however, the most common foot located melanoma and often is accompanied by the development of a light patch of skin. This may be hard to notice, so it is important to be vigilant in order to detect this kind of cancer early.

Skin Cancer on the Lips

BCC is not very likely to develop on lips, but it is not impossible. When it does appear it is more likely to show on the upper lip, presenting as pink spots that may be painful to touch and bleed easily.

SCC is the most common type of cancer to develop on the lips. This cancer will present as a scaly red patch that bleeds easily and is painful. It may look like an ulcer or sore. Unlike BCC, this type is more likely to develop on the bottom lip.

Melanoma may appear on lips. They will usually be darker in color than the lips. Color is the best way to determine whether a growth is potentially cancerous.

MoleSafe’s Skin Surveillance Program

MoleSafe’s Skin Surveillance Program was developed for quick and accurate detection of skin cancers. Using this method we can identify and track your moles or suspicious skin lesions to ensure early detection of cancerous cells. Contact MoleSafe today to make an appointment with a professional. You can also use our free, quick and easy risk assessment tool developed by MoleSafe to get a better idea of whether your moles are at risk of evolving into melanoma.