Your answers show that you have a low to moderate risk of developing melanoma.

What you should do....

<p><strong>Book</strong> a Skin Check</p> Icon

Book a Skin Check

Low risk doesn't mean NO risk – book a MoleSafe Full Body Screening to be on the safe side and make sure to get a check-up once a year.

<p><strong>Check</strong> your skin</p> Icon

Check your skin

Check your skin yourself at least every 6 months (here’s how), and ask your GP to check it once a year.

<p><strong>Protect</strong> your skin</p> Icon

Protect your skin

The spring and summer months can dramatically increase your risk of skin cancer, so protect your skin everyday – wear SPF30+ sunscreen, cover up with a hat, sunglasses and clothing, and reduce your sun exposure (especially between 10am and 4pm in the daylight savings months).

How much does it cost?

Full Body Screening
Allowable Service by your insurance company if you qualify

  • Head-to-toe skin check by Melanographer
  • Total body mapping (photography)
  • Imaging of all significant moles for expert Dermatologist diagnosis
  • Provides a baseline to compare skin changes
  • Advice on skin cancer prevention
  • Access to MyMoleSafe, your personal skin record